From a young age, Harry dedicated himself to learning as many skills as possible, no matter how useless they may seem from advanced memory to picking locks to making an origami chicken out of a tea towel. He then picked up and studied a couple of magic books to learn sleight of hand techniques to improve his dexterity, from there Harry became engrossed with the power that magic has on it's spectators.  

Combining his contemporary approach to magic, stand up comedy-esque performance style and his ever-growing list of skills, Harry's act reflects his true personality, charming audiences with expert skill and youthful wit.  


Harry has been a crucial part of Dynamo's creative consultancy team for the past 7 years. Working on such projects as the BAFTA nominated TV series "Dynamo: Magician Impossible" and his 200 date UK and World arena tour - DYNAMO: Seeing is Believing Live tour.


Recently, Harry was pleased to announce that Pepsi Max 's nationwide TV campaign, in which Harry created the effects and starred in, will continue for a second year.

Harry performs nightly at multiple venues across London including Cafe De Paris every Saturday at their Showtime Cabaret.
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